A fun buildup, and a fun night

So last week I was away on business, and Goddess and I were talking about kinky stuff like we normally do when I’m away. Somehow or another I had decided to ignore my issues with my butt, and just “take it.” I’m so glad I did lol.

Had been in chastity 9 days at this point. I got home, Goddess had done her makeup, hair, and was looking absolutely fucking amazing. After a little wind down time I always take when I first get in off business, I stripped naked and laid on the bed like Goddess Instructed. she put my wide leather collar on, hooked the leash onto it and sat it on my back so it could warm up. (cold!)

Goddess warmed me up with plenty of lube and her fingers, milking my prostate for a while, sadly nothing came out 😦 After her fingers got tired she put the strapon on…. Slowly at first, but by the end she was fucking me as hard as i’d do her. I was moaning and begging for it.

I was sore for the whole weekend inside lol.


Working towards a goal…

Good afternoon everyone!

After being on the road for the first part of the week, when I arrived home yesterday things were pretty steamy 😀 I’ll let you guys peek into our conversation leading up to the events that i’ll describe below.









So yeah… That laid plans out for the evening. I stopped and got a chain leash, then when I got home I started the “cleanout” process. I’ll spare you the details of that, but 2 bags later I was squeaky clean. I’ve discovered after large enemas that I need some time to “relax” again so we ate dinner and watched some netflix before the nights activities started.

I won’t deny, I was super turned on. It’s been 7 days since my last orgasm (and locked up for the duration as well) and I was eager to please my Goddess by being her perfect little butt slut. We laid a towel on the bed, I got down on all fours, and she put the lap desk in front of me with a blue suction cup toy for me to use once we were all warmed up. Goddess had already put the strapon on, slid a condom over it, and had a gloved hand with lube ready to get me ready for her. She slid a finger inside making sure the lube was evenly distributed, then took it out to add more lube and use a second finger.

“Are you ready, Pet?” She asked.

“Yes Goddess.” I practically begged in my tone. I was more than ready. Something about Goddess wearing a strapon, asserting her power over me, melts me to the core. I wanted her big strap on inside me. Of course, we had to take things slow at first. She put the head against my hole, and I slowly pushed back until I felt the familiar stretching feeling. A couple inches in, I stopped to let everything “Adjust”. While we were waiting she put more lube on it, and soon I was sliding further down on the shaft of her massive black dildo.

Getting it all in there… 

After a little while, I was relaxed enough for her to begin to use it to fuck me.

“Do you like that big cock in your tight little ass, Pet?” Goddess had a tone in her voice that I absolutely love. When she gets turned on it’s almost like her personality changes, so does her voice. It’s subtle but when you know your partner, you pick up on these subtle changes.

I moaned in reply, “Yes Goddess, I do… I like it a lot.” There was a lot of “Omg it’s so big” and moaning, and general sex noises 😉 At some point I tried sucking the dildo on the lap desk in front of me, I could only get about 4 inches of it in my mouth and I gagged a few times, each time I gagged she thought something was wrong lol. Nope, Just gagging lol. She giggled at that and said “You’re gonna have to practice a lot. I’m going to want you to suck my bull off eventually.”

After she was able to go faster, she was surprised that I could take the whole 9″ of the toy. I had her stop and I laid on my back, and let her enter me missionary style. Because the curve of the toy, it was hitting my prostate real nice. I still can’t cum from just anal, but I for sure was closer last night than I’d ever been. I leaked quite a bit as well.

After I had enough we sat there, her toy inside me, her caressing me gently, she told me I was a good pet, and that she really enjoyed fucking me.

Then we got up to clean up, and I asked her “Would you like me to wear the strapon now?” “Yes Pet, I need to get fucked after fucking your ass.” So I washed the strapon and then I fucked her with it to multiple orgasms. It was such a sexy night. I love my Goddess and all the kinky shit we do. 😀

Thanks for reading everyone. I hope you enjoyed. Leave me a comment!