“I think you should use your Tongue”

Goddess always has a hard time initially telling me what to do/what she wants. As we were laying in bed last night. She was being very generous with affection. Her hands were wondering all over my body, she would teasingly stroke me, then let her hands wander again.

I could tell there was something she wanted to say, but I also know that it’s best to let her work out how to get the words to come out on her own. I was basically stalling, by not saying anything, she’d keep touching and kissing on me. Well, eventually she finally leaned in real close, and whispered “I think you should use your tongue in my ass.”

One of our favorite emoji’s 😉

Yes Goddess! I replied and quickly got up to let her get into the “Position” we’ve worked out is most comfortable for both of us during this activity. Basically what she does is lays on her belly/breasts in a diagonal fashion across the bed. This gives me plenty of room to lay on my stomach behind her as well, my face plants directly in her ass when we are in this position. It helps having a king sized bed too lol.

I have a thing for sweaty Goddess. She just has this wonderfully intoxicating musk about her, and last night was no exception. It’s hard to describe, I know you readers will just think “It must have smelled like ass!” LOL. Nah, it’s not like that. Even sweaty Goddess doesn’t have a “pungent” odor. It’s chemistry, pheromones, addiction even? All I know is that when I bury my face between her sweet plump cheeks, i’m in heaven. I started off pretty slow, kissing her asshole and just kind of teasing it with my tongue, but soon my appetite couldn’t be sated. I shoved my tongue in and out of her ass as fast as I could manage. I don’t have a very long tongue, and its allergy season for me so I had to take lots of short moments to catch my breath. Hearing Goddess moan in pleasure while I’m using my tongue on her sweet tight little asshole drives me wild. After probably 30 minutes of this, Goddess reached back to grab my hand off her cheek, and instructed me breathlessly to finger her pussy too. I started with one finger, and she asked in a sexy little voice “Feel how wet you’re making me, Pet?” so in response, I stuck another finger in 😉

I helped Goddess to two very good and large orgasms last night, then I went to wash my face off, brought a hot wash cloth out and wiped all my spit/drool/whatever you want to call it off her sexy ass and then got the cloth hot again to wipe the rest of her down.

I leaked a little all over my leg during the whole fiasco, it was so nice to serve Goddess.


Assignment: The first “Sexy” meetup.

I had already finished one assignment yesterday, so I dropped the hint that I would have time for more that evening… I waited quite a while and brought it up again.


Of course I had to wait until I arrived at my destination before I could break out the laptop and begin to write, once I got there I parked and pulled out the trusty lappy top. I set off to write for my wonderful Goddess. I had a purpose, I wanted to make her wet when she read this in the morning. A teasing picture after she read the story confirmed this… 😉 Obviously the bull and the story are fictional.


The first time: A tale of Goddess and her first sexy meeting with Jared.

Friday night had finally gotten here. It seemed like it would never come. It marks a momentous occasion, not only was it your birthday, but it makes the third meetup with Jared. The third meetup is always significant, because this meant that the potential Bull had what it takes to convince you that he wasn’t just some random fuck boy that wanted to get his dick wet. It means that his interests align with yours, and he was more than just a big cock and a hard body, he had substance, a sense of humor, and was still enough of a gentlemen to impress you.

“Pet, Come over here, I want you to eat my ass while I put my makeup on.” you called, sitting on your padded stool in front of your fancy new vanity. The mirror was very large, the tabletop of the vanity had ample space, and the mirror had daylight led bulbs in it. The stool was the most interesting feature, stool isn’t really the correct way to describe the chair, as it had some “special” modifications. It had buckles and straps along the legs, and a spot for a head, in the perfect position to service your ass while you were sitting in the chair.

“We don’t have time to strap you in properly, so I’ll just use the neck restraint built into the chair.” “There you go.” you said as you clicked the latch in place, effectively immobilizing me in place. “Now get to licking!” you demanded. I complied, and begun to lick that sweet peach as we’d grown to call it.

After 30 minutes or so, You’d finished with your makeup and unlatched the catch on the neck restraint. “Pet, go get ready, you’re taking me to the Olive Garden.” I rush to get ready as you slide into a beautiful black short dress. It was very short, very tight, and made of a stretchy leather like material. It reminded pet a lot of latex, but it was much easier to wear, but didn’t cause temperature issues when worn. “And It’s easy to remove.” Pet thought to himself as he watched Goddess slide into the dress.

We both finish getting ready, and walk out to the car, Pet being the perfect gentlemen and opening the door for Goddess. After a short drive, we arrive at Olive Garden.

“Pet, Make sure your sound is on your phone, I want you to go home, and get in your cage.  Put your special cuffs on after you close yourself in the cage. I’ll let you out when I need you to come get me.” you instructed.

“Yes Goddess, please have fun tonight and don’t for…..” I started to say, as you quickly stopped me by saying, “Yes, I won’t forget to include you somehow tonight, and of course I’ll be having fun, I’m going to fuck Jared tonight, A lot.”

Pet’s little caged dick twitched hard at that, and a shiver of excited lust ran through him, giving him goosebumps in the process. You noticed this and smiled. You always got amused at pet’s reactions to your dirty talk, but tonight, It was real. It was going to be so much more than dirty talk.

“Jared just text me, he’s here waiting by the door. I’ll call you when I need you, Pet. I love you so much and I’ll be thinking of you while I’m out tonight.” You said, reassuringly as you kissed me hard on the lips, while grabbing your locked up property through my slacks. “Go home and do what I asked.” you ordered, as you got out of the car, I watched your hips sway with each step, the perfect round shapely ass seeming to wink with every step. Fuck it was so sexy to see you leave, to go have dinner with Jared, knowing that you’d be walking very different when I picked you up.

I got home, got naked, put my collar on, grabbed the special cuffs, and climbed in the cage. I pulled the door to, and the electromagnet pulled the door the rest of the way closed. No way it was opening until Goddess logged into her “app” and turned off the locks. This was a new idea Pet had, for those times when you wanted to make sure I wasn’t going anywhere. The special cuffs were made with 4 round steel circles, perfect for being held in place by the electronic magnet locks. I figured out how to hook it up to an app, so you could turn them off remotely. I placed my phone in the holder above my head, and put my hands and ankles near the locks. I was instantly rewarded with a firm tug and my arms and legs locking down into place. No going anywhere now.

For what seemed like hours I laid there, fixed in position, my mind running wild with lustful thoughts of Jared fucking you, all night, hard, and fast. I eventually fell asleep, and was awoke to my phone ringing, It was you calling. The protocol was, you’d call twice knowing I could not move to answer the phone, unlock the locks with your app, and then I would call you back once I was able to move again.

“Come get me pet, Jared is going to bring me to the Walmart so you don’t have to drive all the way across town.”  I headed to pick you up.

You climbed out of the car. As you leaned back in to say Goodbye to Jared, You dress slipped up just enough to show your beautiful ass. Damn I was so horny that almost was enough to make me cum in my pants. (Flashback moment) You’d kept me denied for the whole month since the first meetup (non-sexy). “I want you good and horny for when/if Jared works out.” You said as you teasingly stroked your latex gloved hand the short distance up and down my cock. You had edged me 3 times a week since the initial meeting, I was begging for an orgasm but you just kept saying No. You wanted me so horny that I’d do anything you said, eagerly and without second thought.

I watched as you walked towards the car, and You held up your hand in the stop motion. I knew this meant to stay in the car you’d get your own door. You opened the door and climbed in. Immediately I smelled the all too familiar smell of sex, sweat, and satisfaction. I noticed as you shut the door, Jared’s car hasn’t pulled away yet. As you see on my face that I’ve noticed this, you say, “I have a present for you my slutty little cuck.” “I have decided that I will tell you EVERY excruciatingly detail about my very good night and let you cum, IF!, and only if you play yes/no.

Fuck. The Yes/No game.  It was simple really, the game consisted of only two possible outcomes. If pet said Yes. It means that you get whatever was wagered. At a cost. It also means that you have to do whatever/agree to whatever Goddess says after you answer. If you said no, You don’t get the wager, AND you forfeit any sexy activity that day/night. “For 12 hours, you can’t have any sexual contact, no dirty talk, no details of my escapades. Also note that I may add a weeks time to your chastity sentence if you say no and I feel like being a bitch.” You said, seeing the look of dismay on my face. You only played the Yes/No game when you had something devious worked up. Do I chance not getting to know exactly how the night went? Or Do I give up sexy time because I’m terrified of what Goddess wants me to do.

Pet sighed. “Yes.” he said, knowing that something very kinky and twisted his way comes.

“Great! Jared is waiting in his car, I told him you’d say yes! You’re to go over to his car, get in, and clean him up, I got him all wet” you said, with a slutty tone to your voice. “Oh, and Pet… Once he’s clean, You’re going to give him a blowjob. A good one, and swallow his cum. He will be sending me pictures of your progress as well.”

Humiliation. I got out of the car and hesitantly walked towards his. Apparently I was going to slow, as you honked the horn. Startled, I stopped hesitating and opened his passenger door.

“Get in, cuck.” Jared said. I followed directions and got in, sat down. His car had limo tint, and it was late out anyways. “Do you know what you’re supposed to be doing?” he asked. “Yes, I know what I’m supposed to do.” I replied mockingly. *Slap* Jared’s hand smacked my face. “Where are your manners, Yes _WHAT_?” he demanded the proper response. “Yes Sir, I know what I’m supposed to be doing.” I said shakily. I wasn’t scared, I was utterly and completely in sub space. So turned on that my muscles were taking a life of their own in the form of shivering. It wasn’t cold, I wasn’t afraid, I was just on a whole different level of horny. “Good Cuck, Get to cleaning.” he ordered. I hadn’t noticed but he had already had his pants down, his massive cock still hard, it glistened with juices… Wow, My wife had probably called me during sex with him in the parking lot, knowing they could finish before I’d get there to pick her up. I knelt over, and began to lick all of his shaft, getting everything nice and clean as he took pictures and sent them to Goddess. When I was licking the large knob at the end of his long shaft, Jared grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my face. He was so big, it barely fit, but he made it fit anyways. I gagged several times, and eventually Jared panted, “Are you ready to swallow my cum, Little cuck?” I couldn’t reply, and within seconds he was grunting and filling my mouth with his hot, sticky cum.  The whole ordeal lasted only about 20 minutes and I returned to the car and Jared leaves.

“How did it go? Could you taste my juices on his big thick cock?”

“Yes Goddess, I could taste you. I had a really hard time getting my mouth around it as you could tell from the pictures.”

“Oh yes, your tiny little mouth couldn’t even take my small strap on, I knew you’d have trouble with his massive fucking cock. You managed though, I particularly liked the snap where you’re gagging as he grabs the back of your head. I bet you liked that didn’t you my slutty little cock sucking cuck.”

Shamefully I admitted, “I did like it…”

“Well, you’ve done good pet, you swallowed it all and didn’t waste a drop… But you’ve got more to clean up. Take us home, Pet.”

We arrive home and as soon as we are in the door you snap your fingers. I fall to my knees instantly. You slide your dress off, and walk over to me, grab a handful of hair, and shove my face into your swollen pussy. “Use your tongue, I’m so swollen that all of your desert stayed in there….”

I can feel myself dripping all over inside my underwear, I’m so fucking turned on by what’s happening, for a moment everything stops. I smell the results of your bull fucking you all night long. I can practically see your lips throb from being stretched and pulled by gripping Jared’s big, veiny, thick cock. I stick my tongue out, probing at your pussy with it, You practically shove me to the floor and straddle my face pinning my head in place with your muscular thighs. “I hope you’re in the mood for pie!” you begin to grind back and forth on my tongue, and it’s as if someone opened the flood gates. I am rewarded with a seemingly endless stream of cum. 3? 4? 5 times? How many times did he cum in my wife?!

“He fucked me 5 times, Pet. Well, 6 Times if you count the car… He fucked me so good, all In a row, can you believe that? His huge dick stayed hard the whole time, my little cuck. You don’t even last 30 minutes!”

More humiliation, but gentle enough. I feel my cock twitch hard against it’s cage as you tease me about how long I last. I’ve just about got all your juices and cum cleaned up from your wild night.

“After I sent you home, Jared and I had dinner. I sat next to him in a covered booth in the corner. We had dinner, the whole time I was rubbing his massive cock through his slacks. After we had finished eating, he flagged the waitress over, and gave her a big tip letting her know that we didn’t want to be bothered for a while. I told him I was still hungry, and slid under the table.”

As I listened to Goddess begin to recount the nights events, I couldn’t help but to twitch. Again. Harder, fluid drips out as I spasm.  Not an orgasm, but a release of precum. My underwear now feels very wet. But I can’t exactly talk with my mouth full now can I?

“Once I was under the table he unzipped his pants, and I had to pull them down to get his massive dick out of his pants! He was so fucking big pet, I’m sure you remember now don’t you?” You teased. “Anyways, once it was free, I took it in my hands, It’s definitely a two hander, unlike your little cock. I slid my lips over the head, and blew him until he came in my mouth while I was deep throating him. His loads are bigger than yours too, Pet.”

At this point you got up, let me get undressed and then you told me to get on the bed, put my hood on, and lay back.  I complied, quickly getting undressed and on the bed, I scrambled to put my hood on and lay back as ordered. You giggled at the speed I complied. You walked over to the bed, and cuffed my wrists and ankles to the under the bed restraints. I feel you fumble with the screw on my cage, and then feel you unlock me. Sweet Witch in the woods it feels so unfamiliar to be uncaged. After the month of nothing but tease and denial, and constant edging, Just wiping it down with a wipe might make me literally explode. I manage to get through the cleaning, just starting to get an erection. You slide the 1″ (tight) cock ring onto my dick and lock it in place. Then I hear the familiar tinkling of the extra spikes in the KTB bag. Fuck. This is gonna hurt I thought to myself. I struggle a little for show to let you know I’m secretly excited at the pain to come.  You just barely get the lock clicked shut on the KTB and I’m already gasping. The cock ring and the KTB make for even more agonizing painful pleasure.

“Now that I’m sure you will last long enough to hear about my night without cumming, I’ll tell you everything.”

Throb. “FUUUUUCK” I moan as the spikes bite into my throbbing cock.

“mmmm…. God you’re sexy when you’re in pain moaning for more.”  You admire your handy work, your slutty little pet bound to the bed, helpless to prevent you from causing more pain. “This is going to feel oh so nice now you’ve got me all wet again!”

I feel you straddle me, and you slide your dripping wet pussy over my cock. Instantly I’m rewarded with pain.

“Focus, Listen Pet. After I blew him in the restaurant, we left to go to his place. It’s in a quiet neighborhood and wasn’t bad looking. He invited me in and we barely had the door shut before he grabbed me to make out with me. It was so hot and passionate, that he pinned me against the door, I was grabbing his cock through his slacks, it was so big and hard even after I just gave it a kinky blowjob in the restaurant minutes before that.”

More throbbing, you chuckled as the struggle your little pets cock was going through. Denied and edged for so long, now all this pleasure is making the spikes dig in just enough to begin to soften, just to get rock hard again, repeating the process.

“I moaned to him pet, I moaned “Fuck me, Fuck me right here on the floor.” and he was all too eager to oblige. He took his slacks off, and he slid his massive head into my tight little pussy. It was SO big I felt the head POP in pet. I gasped and he stopped, asking if everything was okay. I told him that Oh it’s more than okay, I’m just not used to such a big cock, My little pet’s cock doesn’t have any problem getting in…  So he continued to slide his thick cock in, and Pet, I swear I almost came as he slid the full 9″ in. It felt so stretched, filled, and satisfying in every way Pet. It was fucking amazing. We fucked twice on the floor, before we moved to the bedroom. He fucked me doggy style once we got into the bedroom, it felt like he was going to split me in two. I begged like a slut for him to fuck me harder, Pet. I FUCKING BEGGED him.

*MMMPHHFUUUUUUCKK OOHHHHMMMM* I moaned as the spiked bracelet once again dug into my cock, harder this time. My cock refused to give up, and throbbed even more against the spikes. “FUUUUCK OMG GODDESS IT HURTS, Please tell me more”

“I was pretty out of breath after he fucked me doggy style, we had a smoke break (420) and got something to drink. We sat there joking about memes for a little bit and when he finished his drink, he said to me “Ready for more?”  I couldn’t believe it pet, he was still down for more after 3 orgasms.  “Only one problem…” he said, “I’m out of condoms.” I told him that since he got tested for me, he could fuck me without one.  I rode him reverse cowgirl, just like in the snaps I had him send you… I told him what to type as I rode up and down his massive cock. Eventually he grabbed my hips and started fucking me hard and fast, like you do when I make you work for it…. Well I swear he got even bigger! It was like being fucked by a machine pet, I felt him swelling and then I felt him shoot his hot, thick sticky salty cum up inside me. There was so much, but I was so swollen from all the fucking it just stayed in there.”

At this, my cock twitched so hard you thought I was going to cum, and I start to scream out in pleasurable pain as you jumped off. I managed to get things under control, and you helped by taking the KTB off. You slid a condom over my dick, and sat down as far as my throbbing cock would go.

“Mmmmnnn Pet I love the way you feel, but you know I have needs… Jared’s massive bull cock stretched me out so much, can you even feel me pet?”

“Mmhmmm” I reply.

“Well I can’t feel you my little cuck. That’s ok, I’m almost done and then you can be too.”

You grab your wand and begin to use it. Your breathing is quicker and everything you begin to tell me seems to come out in a passionate frenzy of lust.

“That’s when he showed me his rough side… He grabbed me off of him and flipped me onto my back. He literally shoved his cock back into my pussy and started fucking me rough and fast. It felt so big, It felt like I was going to rip, but he just fucked me even harder when I moaned out how it felt. He put one hand on my throat, and waiting for me to okay it… Mmmhmmm I moaned, and he squeezed. I felt every thrust, I felt every thob, every second of it. My pussy was throbbing too, and just when I thought I was going to pass out he let go and slammed harder into me, giving me an explosive orgasm as he came too, again, inside me.”

You pressed the wand harder into your clit, and screamed out “OH FUCK PET, I’m CUMMING, FUCK FUCK FUCK PET”

You know this is always too much for me, and I lose it too.  I try to mumble that I’m cumming but I am doing my best to breathe through the hood. With every contraction of your pussy from your blissful orgasm, my cock throbs in response, spurting a whole months worth of saved up teased and denied cum.

After cumming, you collapse into my chest, holding onto me. “Thank you so fucking much pet, Even though I love fucking big giant bull cocks, They will never give me what you can give me. Your heart.”

After cuddles, you take the condom off of me noting how full it is. “Time for desert pet, Open up”  You pull my hood up enough for my mouth to be open, and flip the condom over in my mouth. I taste myself, noting how massive my load was too.

“next time, you’ll have to get a room for us cuck, so you can watch me get fucked by a massive cock.”

Not your average couple

So, Goddess and I don’t fit any of the typical molds.

The closest label you could put to what we have is Femdom/Sub relationship… but there’s so much more to it than just that. I’ll attempt to explain what I mean by telling you about this morning before I left on my work week.

I woke up early this morning, around 6:30 am or so, my cage so tight that I knew I should get up to use the bathroom or there was no way I’d be going back to sleep. So I got up, went to the bathroom, put some coconut oil on the base ring and adjusted myself in my cage. After my “morning” eagerness went away I groggily went back to bed. So exciting right? lol. Keep reading.

I woke up again around 9:30 am, and this time It was time to get up for the day. Goddess usually sleeps later than I but she woke up with me. I kissed her good morning and let her know that i’d be back after I had things loaded up for my trip. I went and got things taken care of, and came back. This weekend we spend most of the the weekend rearranging the small space we call home and moved the bed into the other room, the couch into the TV room, and were much satisfied with the change, sometimes it’s good to switch things up ya know?

Last night I went to bed earlier than Goddess. She said she was going to stay up for a bit to take her meds and watch an episode of something on netflix. I ended up passing out before she came to bed, and aparently I missed out on some attention (I didn’t know until she told me lol) when she came to bed. She told me she rubbed on me and held my cage/squeezed my balls for a while but apparently I slept through it. Which is odd because I do remember waking up, and telling her that she didn’t kiss me goodnight. (It’s kind of a rule on both parties) Anyways, when I got back and packed my bag for my trip, I asked her if she remembered what I said last night, She told me she did, and that she was sorry because she must have been passing out, that’s when she told me about touchin on me and me not waking up.

Here’s where we don’t fit the “mold” so to speak. I had a little spare time before I had to leave, so we spent the morning making out and rubbing one another. One of Goddesses favorite things is to be handled roughly, so as I was making out with her I wrapped my hand around her throat and squeezed the sides. This turns her on faster than a light switch. After some more fooling around, I got the idea to take a naughty picture of her tight little creamy pussy, and we got the polaroid out. I took a picture but it didn’t come out, and tried again. This time it worked fine and I slid the 2×3 polaroid into my wallet.

She was very creamy and wet, and dipped her finger into her pussy, brought it up to my lips and let me lick/suck her finger clean. This got me all hot and bothered again, my cage immediately filling, as my dick throbbed against its prison. She tried to wrap her hand around my throat and do the same for me that she enjoys so much, but her hands are so small she has to really work at it 😉 We made out some more, and said our goodbyes. Before I left, She made me kneel on both knees, kissing me softly, then slapped me 2 times on each cheek. I’ve never been into slapping until one day I just was into it. This turned me on and I said “I’m probably leaking right now, and you can do that harder if you want…” *SLAP*, *SLAP* a good hard slap on each side… a slight stinging sensation tingled my now red and warm face, and she said, “I love you Pet, Be safe.”

So as you can see, Goddess lets me do some things that most dominants wouldn’t dream of letting their subs do to them, but the justification in my eyes, and hopefully hers… Is that she gets pleasure from it, and she has the power to stop me at any time. So truthfully I’m still being submissive in my eyes by providing her pleasure however she wants it.

Hope you all enjoy!


Even off nights are fun!

So last night was the kind of night where you just don’t feel like doing anything. Speaking for myself anyways. I worked on building a deck all day yesterday, so I was pretty sore and just generally worn out. Goddess and I went out to dinner and did a little shopping for household stuff, and when we got back it was netflix and chill time. (After almost an hour of figuring out what we should do lol)

We watched some netflix, and I was struggling with the decision to wear either my hood, or my collar to bed. I placed them on the bed next to each other and considered each carefully lol. The hood is great, but since it’s been warmer weather, I can’t wear it all night. The collar is also great, I enjoy the feeling of something around my neck and can wear it all night long without a problem. I chose the hood and told Goddess that I would put the collar on as soon as I took the hood off in the middle of the night.

I spread the laces on the hood, slid my head into it, and adjusted the position of where I wanted it. Goddess then helped me lace it up and buckle the straps. She always is able to get it much tighter than I can by myself, and the feeling of it cinching down on my face is always exhilarating. It’s almost an instant hard-on every time. This particular hood’s features include a lace up back with a protective flap for your hair, eye and mouth holes, and a blindfold. All of the straps (neck, blindfold, and optional mouth gag) can be locked in place using the little padlocks included upon purchase, however we don’t use those since I can’t sleep in it all night. Not to mention Goddess and i’s schedules are very different so there are times when I shouldn’t wake her up just to get me out of my hood.

Usually when I am hooded, Goddess reads her erotica or other books she has, as this is a chill out time for us both. I enjoy not being able to see or hear anything (The hood doesn’t block all sound, but it does a good job of drowning out the day to day noises) and relish this time. Sometimes while Goddess reads she teases me with her feet, if she does this, she will usually unlock me. I was feeling extra affectionate last night, and spent most of my “chill” time caressing Goddess. I would rub on her legs, and then drag my hands across her panties. She spread her legs just a little to give me more access and to let me know without words that what I was doing was okay. So, I began to rub on her through her panties. After a while of this she completely spread her legs and stopped whatever she was doing (I can’t see, remember? lol) to focus on the attention I was giving her.

I began to slip my finger inside the top of her panties, letting her know that i’d like them off for easier access. She was again okay with this, so she slid her panties off. Once she settled back down in a comfortable position from removing them, I resumed my playful but intentive caresses. Another fun fact for you all: Goddess just recently got her VCH pierced. It’s been about 6 weeks now and it’s pretty much fully healed. It’s been touch and go as far as if we can play with it or not, and tonight must have been a good night because I was able to massage her clit without her new piercing bothering her.

After a while, I could tell she was enjoying the rubbing, so I experimentally slid my finger down her lips, finding her tight, warm pussy deliciously wet. I began to finger her slowly. We’ve been playing with some pretty large (compared to me) toys recently and this was in the back of my mind as I fingered her. I didn’t want to cause any damage to the small tender spots she has from the rough fucking her toys have given her, so, I was being gentle. This apparently wasn’t what Goddess wanted… She stopped me and got up.

As i’m laying on the bed on all fours, waiting for instructions, I hear Goddess get into the toy box. I hear things being moved around and things being taken out. I can only guess what’s happening. After a minute I feel Goddess get back on the bed and she lays down in front of me again. She grabs my hand and pulls it close, rubbing it along her throbbing pussy. I finger her some more, and after a while I feel her nudge my hand with something. I grab it and realize it’s our newest dildo. It’s 9″ long, pretty thick, and has a nice upward curve to it. It’s supposed to be made of “liquid silicone” but feels a lot like all the other PVC toys we have.

She quietly says “I need something bigger than you Pet, Use it on me.” This kind of talk drives me crazy with lust, and i’m all to happy to oblige. I begin teasing the entrance with the head of the large toy, and I hear the cap to some lube pop open. She squirts a little on top of the shaft and tells me to get her bull’s cock ready for her. I wrap my hand around the shaft and slide it up and down, getting the lube all over it’s massive shaft.

I fuck her with her toy, slowly at first, hearing the little moans and gasps as it fills her up, stretching her gently. “It’s so big, Pet” She purrs. “It’s hitting me in all the places you never can.” She is enjoying the slow, but she lets me know she wants it harder and faster by gyrating her hips against it. I take the que, and begin thrusting the toy in and out of her faster. She reaches for her Magic Wand, (Goddess needs clit stimulation to cum, always has.) and turns it on low. The sound of the big fake cock sliding in and out of her warm throbbing pussy is something else, even hooded. I can tell she’s extremely turned on, because the dirty talk has stopped. She’s gyrating and moaning, and she manages to say “Oh It’s so fucking big, it’s hitting the back, I’m gonna cum all over this bull cock.” and does exactly that.

Goddess is never satisfied with just one, so after she comes down from the first orgasm, she squirts some more lube down there and tells me to keep going. I lost track of her orgasm count, but it was at least 5.

By this time, I could feel that I had a wet spot where my cage was rubbing against the bed, I’m so turned on, the sound, the smell, the thought of her actually fucking a massive cock is all just fuel for the lustful fire, Neither one of us can wait until it becomes a reality.

Thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoyed 🙂



Ahhh the frustratingly good ol’ Tease and Denial

So last night we were laying in bed and I owed Goddess a back rub, so I asked her if she wanted to cash it in and of course she said yes! A little while into the back rub she told me to rub her ass more, which is my hint that she wants me to play with her back there.

After almost an hour of rubbing and teasing with a finger, she got up and got my hood out of the storage ottoman, put it on me and wrapped over it with plastic wrap leaving just a little air hole to breathe through.

She cuffed my hands to the bed frame after this, and climbed on top of me, grinding against her caged cock. This is the first time she’s done that with my new cage so it was kind of a test run lol.

I felt her grab my caged package and start to rub it back and forth against her very wet lips. A few seconds later I felt the agonizingly torturous feel of her surrounding the cage, I could feel it, and it felt amazing however it wouldn’t have been enough to make me full on spurt all over, she knew what she was doing and she wanted me to stay horny and frustrated!

We have recently begun to explore cuckolding and thus some pretty awesome role play has come into play. I couldn’t see anything of course so I didn’t know she had gotten her new dildo out to play with either. She moved the tip of my cage to her ass and I felt her rapidly moving something. All I could hear was how wet she was and a toy being used.

“Mmm Pet don’t you wish you could fuck my ass while I take a big cock” she teased as she fucked herself harder with the toy. I just about fucking lost it and almost came in my cage right there!

She came a couple of times before she untied me and took my hood and wrap off. This whole night was really hot and frustrating too 😄

Goddess snapped a pic but I’ll need to confirm with her that it’s okay to post it.