“I think you should use your Tongue”

Goddess always has a hard time initially telling me what to do/what she wants. As we were laying in bed last night. She was being very generous with affection. Her hands were wondering all over my body, she would teasingly stroke me, then let her hands wander again.

I could tell there was something she wanted to say, but I also know that it’s best to let her work out how to get the words to come out on her own. I was basically stalling, by not saying anything, she’d keep touching and kissing on me. Well, eventually she finally leaned in real close, and whispered “I think you should use your tongue in my ass.”

One of our favorite emoji’s 😉

Yes Goddess! I replied and quickly got up to let her get into the “Position” we’ve worked out is most comfortable for both of us during this activity. Basically what she does is lays on her belly/breasts in a diagonal fashion across the bed. This gives me plenty of room to lay on my stomach behind her as well, my face plants directly in her ass when we are in this position. It helps having a king sized bed too lol.

I have a thing for sweaty Goddess. She just has this wonderfully intoxicating musk about her, and last night was no exception. It’s hard to describe, I know you readers will just think “It must have smelled like ass!” LOL. Nah, it’s not like that. Even sweaty Goddess doesn’t have a “pungent” odor. It’s chemistry, pheromones, addiction even? All I know is that when I bury my face between her sweet plump cheeks, i’m in heaven. I started off pretty slow, kissing her asshole and just kind of teasing it with my tongue, but soon my appetite couldn’t be sated. I shoved my tongue in and out of her ass as fast as I could manage. I don’t have a very long tongue, and its allergy season for me so I had to take lots of short moments to catch my breath. Hearing Goddess moan in pleasure while I’m using my tongue on her sweet tight little asshole drives me wild. After probably 30 minutes of this, Goddess reached back to grab my hand off her cheek, and instructed me breathlessly to finger her pussy too. I started with one finger, and she asked in a sexy little voice “Feel how wet you’re making me, Pet?” so in response, I stuck another finger in 😉

I helped Goddess to two very good and large orgasms last night, then I went to wash my face off, brought a hot wash cloth out and wiped all my spit/drool/whatever you want to call it off her sexy ass and then got the cloth hot again to wipe the rest of her down.

I leaked a little all over my leg during the whole fiasco, it was so nice to serve Goddess.



Greetings everyone!

So, after 9 days I finally got to orgasm. But there was a twist. Goddess “stole it” from me… I didn’t have time to ask for permission, thus I earned an additional week to the base lockup time :/ For the sake of understanding, I’ll explain how my chastity time usually works right now. The minimum duration is 7 days. Goddess usually allows some kind of tease and denial during that 7 day time frame, and Saturday is usually my release day. So enough about that for now i’ll go into how our evening began 🙂

Goddess and I were sitting on the couch last night talking about the gentlemen she was talking with, how since she met him on Fetlife things were much easier and there was way less awkward moments. She and I both feel that despite meeting him on Fetlife he’s been a perfect gentlemen, very polite. So naturally we began to talk about when the first (non-sex) meeting should take place. We both have been role playing and fantasizing about the cuckold aspect of our relationship and I think it’s safe to say we both want to experience it, pretty badly. Just gotta make sure there’s actual chemistry in person first. During this whole time I was massaging Goddesses feet, rubbing her legs, and of course playing with her clit through her panties. We then decided it was about time to start winding down, and headed off to the bedroom.

We kept talking about it, She asked me “So I know there’s no sex on the first meetup, but….” She started to get shy and struggled to get the words out. “You mean, is it okay to fuck him on the second meeting?” I asked. I could tell she was blushing and she said “Well, yeah… I guess that’s what i’m trying to say.”  I turned toward her, looked her in the eyes, and said “Goddess, You can do whatever you want as long as you’re comfortable with it, If you wanna get stretched and fucked real good, go for it!” I could tell she liked my response, and soon after she was starting to kiss my body all over. It’s been 9 days, but there has been tons of teasing and denial… I knew whatever she had planned i’d be lucky to last 5 minutes lol.

I had my arms above my head and I found one of the cuffs to the under the bed restraint system. She noticed and said “Oh yeah?” and I just sat there shrugging and said, “Maybe we should put my hood on too…” Goddess thought for a moment and said with excitement “Yeah, I think so too.”

So Goddess helped me into my hood and then cuffed me to the bed, pulling the straps tighter than last time, I was helpless and bound, just the way she likes me. Goddess resumed kissing my body, amused that I couldn’t move. She slowly kissed her way down my hairy chest, and when she got to my throbbing erection, she kissed the shaft all up and down, and even sucked on the tip for a little bit. She was ready for more activity though. Goddess climbed back up from down there and began to rub my rock hard cock all over her ass. Lately Goddess has been entertaining the idea of anal, it’s not something she used to want, but ever since I’ve began to eat her ass, she’s slowly coming around. She can’t ignore the good feelings it gives her, and even said once during a particularly long session of me eating her ass, “I bet you want a bull to fuck my tight little ass too don’t you, Pet?” I nearly came in my cage right there.  So as I’m struggling not to cum from just the rubbing on the outside, I let her know that i’m feeling too good and she says “Oh Pet, just from rubbing on my ass?” in a mocking but loving tone. She was extremely turned on, very wet, she would slide up and down against my cock getting it wet, and then press/rub it against her asshole.  I’m not small, but i’m not big either, my “a little less than average” dick still doesn’t fit in her tight little ass. Last night, The tip fit 😉 Of course after several times of this she was getting pretty worked up herself, and she slid my cock into her pussy. It was warm, tight, throbbing and oh so delicious feeling. I wasn’t able to stay inside long before I started to make the pre orgasm noises, almost waiting too long. She hopped off and I swear I had a mini orgasm right there, I felt the spasms, I felt a strange sense of leaking, but nothing came out and I was still horny and hard as fuck.

She gave me a few minutes to cool down, and I guess due to my age or just bad luck, I have a hard time maintaining a proper full erection, Not for lack of being turned on, It just happens. So I asked Goddess if I could wear my ring, (cock ring) and she said which one. I told her that it was her choice. We have a large assortment of cock rings, from metal to silicone and from extremely tight to soft and stretchy while still doing the job. One of both of our favorites is the silicone one we got from Walmart lol. It’s like a round doughnut of rock hard blessings and it doesn’t leave me sore and bruised like the tighter metal ones end up doing 😉

She commented “Oh, that’s working instantly Pet.”

It was true, I could feel with every heart beat my cock returning to stand at full attention! This is where it becomes really difficult for me to not cum. Goddess rubbed herself some more against my cock, and then impaled herself on me again. It felt so fucking good, It was even tighter thanks to the cock ring… She literally managed to slide herself up and down twice, and I was making the noises again that told her I was too close. Except for one thing. 9 Days. The feeling of her tight, wet and warm pussy sliding off so fast pushed me past the point of no return, and I was hit with a powerful wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure, At first Goddess didn’t touch me or anything but I think she changed her mind and she grabbed my cock and jacked me off during the final moments of my orgasm, intensifying the pleasure. I’m pretty sure the neighbors (if we had any) would have heard my moans. “Fuck, I’m sorry Goddess, I didn’t ask for permission.”

We both needed a shower to clean up and I was like “I’m sorry I came without permission, Goddess.” She said “You know the rules, that’s an additional week MINIMUM.” We had a quick chat about making sure we both understood that 7 days was the base time, and that it would now be 14 days in “Punishment time” I finished showering off and Goddess took my place in the shower. “You know, that means if you meet up with him the weekend after next, I’ll still be locked and not have permission to cum, Do you know how torturous that will be?!”

She just smiled, as if she had this planned all along. “Yes, I do Pet”

Fuck I love my Goddess and her twisted sadistic mind.

Working towards a goal…

Good afternoon everyone!

After being on the road for the first part of the week, when I arrived home yesterday things were pretty steamy 😀 I’ll let you guys peek into our conversation leading up to the events that i’ll describe below.









So yeah… That laid plans out for the evening. I stopped and got a chain leash, then when I got home I started the “cleanout” process. I’ll spare you the details of that, but 2 bags later I was squeaky clean. I’ve discovered after large enemas that I need some time to “relax” again so we ate dinner and watched some netflix before the nights activities started.

I won’t deny, I was super turned on. It’s been 7 days since my last orgasm (and locked up for the duration as well) and I was eager to please my Goddess by being her perfect little butt slut. We laid a towel on the bed, I got down on all fours, and she put the lap desk in front of me with a blue suction cup toy for me to use once we were all warmed up. Goddess had already put the strapon on, slid a condom over it, and had a gloved hand with lube ready to get me ready for her. She slid a finger inside making sure the lube was evenly distributed, then took it out to add more lube and use a second finger.

“Are you ready, Pet?” She asked.

“Yes Goddess.” I practically begged in my tone. I was more than ready. Something about Goddess wearing a strapon, asserting her power over me, melts me to the core. I wanted her big strap on inside me. Of course, we had to take things slow at first. She put the head against my hole, and I slowly pushed back until I felt the familiar stretching feeling. A couple inches in, I stopped to let everything “Adjust”. While we were waiting she put more lube on it, and soon I was sliding further down on the shaft of her massive black dildo.

Getting it all in there… 

After a little while, I was relaxed enough for her to begin to use it to fuck me.

“Do you like that big cock in your tight little ass, Pet?” Goddess had a tone in her voice that I absolutely love. When she gets turned on it’s almost like her personality changes, so does her voice. It’s subtle but when you know your partner, you pick up on these subtle changes.

I moaned in reply, “Yes Goddess, I do… I like it a lot.” There was a lot of “Omg it’s so big” and moaning, and general sex noises 😉 At some point I tried sucking the dildo on the lap desk in front of me, I could only get about 4 inches of it in my mouth and I gagged a few times, each time I gagged she thought something was wrong lol. Nope, Just gagging lol. She giggled at that and said “You’re gonna have to practice a lot. I’m going to want you to suck my bull off eventually.”

After she was able to go faster, she was surprised that I could take the whole 9″ of the toy. I had her stop and I laid on my back, and let her enter me missionary style. Because the curve of the toy, it was hitting my prostate real nice. I still can’t cum from just anal, but I for sure was closer last night than I’d ever been. I leaked quite a bit as well.

After I had enough we sat there, her toy inside me, her caressing me gently, she told me I was a good pet, and that she really enjoyed fucking me.

Then we got up to clean up, and I asked her “Would you like me to wear the strapon now?” “Yes Pet, I need to get fucked after fucking your ass.” So I washed the strapon and then I fucked her with it to multiple orgasms. It was such a sexy night. I love my Goddess and all the kinky shit we do. 😀

Thanks for reading everyone. I hope you enjoyed. Leave me a comment!



Even off nights are fun!

So last night was the kind of night where you just don’t feel like doing anything. Speaking for myself anyways. I worked on building a deck all day yesterday, so I was pretty sore and just generally worn out. Goddess and I went out to dinner and did a little shopping for household stuff, and when we got back it was netflix and chill time. (After almost an hour of figuring out what we should do lol)

We watched some netflix, and I was struggling with the decision to wear either my hood, or my collar to bed. I placed them on the bed next to each other and considered each carefully lol. The hood is great, but since it’s been warmer weather, I can’t wear it all night. The collar is also great, I enjoy the feeling of something around my neck and can wear it all night long without a problem. I chose the hood and told Goddess that I would put the collar on as soon as I took the hood off in the middle of the night.

I spread the laces on the hood, slid my head into it, and adjusted the position of where I wanted it. Goddess then helped me lace it up and buckle the straps. She always is able to get it much tighter than I can by myself, and the feeling of it cinching down on my face is always exhilarating. It’s almost an instant hard-on every time. This particular hood’s features include a lace up back with a protective flap for your hair, eye and mouth holes, and a blindfold. All of the straps (neck, blindfold, and optional mouth gag) can be locked in place using the little padlocks included upon purchase, however we don’t use those since I can’t sleep in it all night. Not to mention Goddess and i’s schedules are very different so there are times when I shouldn’t wake her up just to get me out of my hood.

Usually when I am hooded, Goddess reads her erotica or other books she has, as this is a chill out time for us both. I enjoy not being able to see or hear anything (The hood doesn’t block all sound, but it does a good job of drowning out the day to day noises) and relish this time. Sometimes while Goddess reads she teases me with her feet, if she does this, she will usually unlock me. I was feeling extra affectionate last night, and spent most of my “chill” time caressing Goddess. I would rub on her legs, and then drag my hands across her panties. She spread her legs just a little to give me more access and to let me know without words that what I was doing was okay. So, I began to rub on her through her panties. After a while of this she completely spread her legs and stopped whatever she was doing (I can’t see, remember? lol) to focus on the attention I was giving her.

I began to slip my finger inside the top of her panties, letting her know that i’d like them off for easier access. She was again okay with this, so she slid her panties off. Once she settled back down in a comfortable position from removing them, I resumed my playful but intentive caresses. Another fun fact for you all: Goddess just recently got her VCH pierced. It’s been about 6 weeks now and it’s pretty much fully healed. It’s been touch and go as far as if we can play with it or not, and tonight must have been a good night because I was able to massage her clit without her new piercing bothering her.

After a while, I could tell she was enjoying the rubbing, so I experimentally slid my finger down her lips, finding her tight, warm pussy deliciously wet. I began to finger her slowly. We’ve been playing with some pretty large (compared to me) toys recently and this was in the back of my mind as I fingered her. I didn’t want to cause any damage to the small tender spots she has from the rough fucking her toys have given her, so, I was being gentle. This apparently wasn’t what Goddess wanted… She stopped me and got up.

As i’m laying on the bed on all fours, waiting for instructions, I hear Goddess get into the toy box. I hear things being moved around and things being taken out. I can only guess what’s happening. After a minute I feel Goddess get back on the bed and she lays down in front of me again. She grabs my hand and pulls it close, rubbing it along her throbbing pussy. I finger her some more, and after a while I feel her nudge my hand with something. I grab it and realize it’s our newest dildo. It’s 9″ long, pretty thick, and has a nice upward curve to it. It’s supposed to be made of “liquid silicone” but feels a lot like all the other PVC toys we have.

She quietly says “I need something bigger than you Pet, Use it on me.” This kind of talk drives me crazy with lust, and i’m all to happy to oblige. I begin teasing the entrance with the head of the large toy, and I hear the cap to some lube pop open. She squirts a little on top of the shaft and tells me to get her bull’s cock ready for her. I wrap my hand around the shaft and slide it up and down, getting the lube all over it’s massive shaft.

I fuck her with her toy, slowly at first, hearing the little moans and gasps as it fills her up, stretching her gently. “It’s so big, Pet” She purrs. “It’s hitting me in all the places you never can.” She is enjoying the slow, but she lets me know she wants it harder and faster by gyrating her hips against it. I take the que, and begin thrusting the toy in and out of her faster. She reaches for her Magic Wand, (Goddess needs clit stimulation to cum, always has.) and turns it on low. The sound of the big fake cock sliding in and out of her warm throbbing pussy is something else, even hooded. I can tell she’s extremely turned on, because the dirty talk has stopped. She’s gyrating and moaning, and she manages to say “Oh It’s so fucking big, it’s hitting the back, I’m gonna cum all over this bull cock.” and does exactly that.

Goddess is never satisfied with just one, so after she comes down from the first orgasm, she squirts some more lube down there and tells me to keep going. I lost track of her orgasm count, but it was at least 5.

By this time, I could feel that I had a wet spot where my cage was rubbing against the bed, I’m so turned on, the sound, the smell, the thought of her actually fucking a massive cock is all just fuel for the lustful fire, Neither one of us can wait until it becomes a reality.

Thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoyed 🙂



Ahhh the frustratingly good ol’ Tease and Denial

So last night we were laying in bed and I owed Goddess a back rub, so I asked her if she wanted to cash it in and of course she said yes! A little while into the back rub she told me to rub her ass more, which is my hint that she wants me to play with her back there.

After almost an hour of rubbing and teasing with a finger, she got up and got my hood out of the storage ottoman, put it on me and wrapped over it with plastic wrap leaving just a little air hole to breathe through.

She cuffed my hands to the bed frame after this, and climbed on top of me, grinding against her caged cock. This is the first time she’s done that with my new cage so it was kind of a test run lol.

I felt her grab my caged package and start to rub it back and forth against her very wet lips. A few seconds later I felt the agonizingly torturous feel of her surrounding the cage, I could feel it, and it felt amazing however it wouldn’t have been enough to make me full on spurt all over, she knew what she was doing and she wanted me to stay horny and frustrated!

We have recently begun to explore cuckolding and thus some pretty awesome role play has come into play. I couldn’t see anything of course so I didn’t know she had gotten her new dildo out to play with either. She moved the tip of my cage to her ass and I felt her rapidly moving something. All I could hear was how wet she was and a toy being used.

“Mmm Pet don’t you wish you could fuck my ass while I take a big cock” she teased as she fucked herself harder with the toy. I just about fucking lost it and almost came in my cage right there!

She came a couple of times before she untied me and took my hood and wrap off. This whole night was really hot and frustrating too 😄

Goddess snapped a pic but I’ll need to confirm with her that it’s okay to post it.