Rules for Pet

The purpose of this page is to serve as a quick and easy reminder for myself, as well as share more insight into what goes on in day to day situations around the dungeon(home lol).

Goddess and I have been working on our list together, while some of these aren’t followed or enforced to the letter, it’s a good point of reference for us right now. Eventually i want to get to where I am able to follow these 100%. It’s been an interesting journey so far, and it can only get more interesting from here!

I’m always open for suggestions and or examples of what else could be added.


  • pet will remained chaste, 24/7
    This one is easy now that I have my Contender from MaleChastityNow. It fits perfectly and causes me no discomfort.

  • pet will be plugged as close to 24/7 as possible.
    One of the goals Goddess has set for me is to have me ready for her amusement/use at any time. As such, anal training is a must. I have a medium NJOY Pure Plug, and I’m getting pretty close to being able to wear it 24/7 as it is. I also have the NJOY Pure Plug in a Large size, but it’s a little big for longer that 6 hours at a time right now.

  • pet may request a thorough cleaning by Goddess at any time, but it’s completely at her discretion.
    This is basic care and hygiene, it’s not so important now that i’m wearing a good cage, but when I had the cheap Chinese cage from Amazon I couldn’t get fully clean without taking it off.

  • pet shall never be allowed to see his unlocked cock.
    This one is here for once we get into an established routine, and Goddess gets comfortable with the locking/unlocking process. The added step of the PA fixing point intimidates her right now.

  • pet shall not be allowed to touch his unlocked cock except under special permission from Goddess.
    This one is pretty much a no-brainier. I don’t think I need to explain much here.

  • pet will remain naked any time pet is home after work hours. Permission to wear clothes must be requested if clothing is needed during naked time.
    Goddess loves to see me naked. She said there’s no reason her chubby bearded pet should wear clothes unless going out into public.

  • pet must submit to ALL of Goddesses desires, no exceptions. (Safe, Sane, and Consensual, obviously hard limits are respected, soft limits are pushed)

  • pet must inform Goddess during play time when pet is getting close to orgasm.
    This goes along with chastity imo, she controls everything to do with my pleasure, and as such I should tell her when I’m close in case she has plans of denial or otherwise.

  • pet must always ask for permission to cum, and always thank Goddess for any form of play time/orgasm.
    A good sub is a polite one. Mind your manners everyone 😉

  • pet must not ask for orgasms, or to be unlocked unless covered in these rules.
    Again, no explanation needed.

  • pet must keep Goddesses property groomed, clean, and healthy at all times, to the best of pets ability.
    This refers mostly to chastity again, but can be considered a general statement.

  • pet is allowed to bring anal training tools on trips, but must inform/ask permission to use them.
    I travel for a living, so there’s a lot of times i’m gone more than a night in a row. Even while traveling Goddess expects her rules to be followed.

  • pet must always clean up any leaking and cum that pet produces.

  • pet will receive/give self an enema every Friday after work. (This one may go away)

  • pet will be blindfolded/hooded/ and restrained any time Goddess unlocks pet.
    We’re working on this. Right now with the new cage it’s easier to help Goddess out, I’ve gotten pretty good at doing things without being able to see 😉

  • pet will find a comfortable hood to sleep in at night while at home.
    I have a heavy “leather” sensory deprivation hood, but when it’s warm I’m unable to wear it longer than a couple hours at a time. The cloth hood works well but it ends up coming off in my sleep as there is no way to lock it on. This may change to being collared 24/7.

  • pet will eventually be required to sleep in his cage/under bed slave box whenever Goddess instructs pet to do so.
    This is more of a “Once we finish the house” rule… We really don’t have room for this rule in our current housing situation right now.

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