An introduction!

Just a quick intro to me and what makes me tick 😉


I’d like to start by taking a moment to introduce myself, hopefully by the end of this you’ll feel like you learned a little about me, what my likes and dislikes are, and to find out that I’m not in fact a writer lol. I’ll do my best however to make this fun and easy to read. Stick with me! I promise lots of documentation and detailed reports of all my lovely Goddesses and I’s escapades and bad humor to boot! Mmmm Boots. Anyways… Let’s begin!

To really get to know me, you have to know a little about me and how I was raised. My parents are old fashioned, like “Man makes the money, woman stays at home and does womanly things” And “One man, One woman” type of relationship. They have no idea just how kinky their son would become in life. I was raised thinking these were the only ways to do things, until that fateful morning that I got a shiny new 14.4 kbps modem for my computer.  From then on, it was bbs boards, newsgroups, eventually leading to forums, to pictures, to videos. I wanted someone I could do all of the kinky shit I saw on my computer with, but alas, I was still young and under my parents house. I had to keep it all to myself and bide my time until I was out in the world.

I’ll skip a ton of the drama, but let’s just say that my first two long term relationships were nothing but a huge obstacle to conquer to get to where I am today.  In those first two relationships I found out how things aren’t supposed to work. That all changed February 12th 2015 when I finally decided that I was done being treated (non-consensually) like a doormat. I started looking for just a friend, someone I could confide in, someone I could vent to, someone to hang out with. I found all that, and so much more. I didn’t expect to fall in love, head over heels, two peas in a pod, etc etc. She was perfect, for her age she was leaps and bounds more mature than any lady i’d ever dated, she was quiet, shy, and mysterious, but I couldn’t get enough conversation. Somehow through the conversations we found out each other had a Tumblr, and from there, the rest is history as they say (Who is they btw, anyone know?) I’ve been with her ever since, and I know without a doubt that she’s my soulmate, my Goddess, my best friend, my entire life. Ok enough sappy stuff, let’s move on. 🙂

So throughout your stay with me on this blog, you’ll find out that i’m a nerd, a jack of all trades and i’m also pretty damn crafty. I love making things, I really enjoy gardening. I occasionally play video games however I have not had the motivation lately to do so.

Some of my kink interestests include (in no particular order) are Chastity, Orgasm Denial, Femdom, CBT, Cuckolding, service, protocol, rules, punishments, and I could go on and on and on much like the energizer bunny but this post is getting even longer by the second!

So since I enjoy Chastity, and it is my goal to work up to permanent chastity. (Not the “lets weld this shut and never take it off” but committed long term wear) I will get into in another post about my various devices over the years getting to where I am. One of the major appeals to chastity for me is it’s super amazing to save up sexual energy and have it be out of my hands so to speak.

I also enjoy submitting. I haven’t experienced it all yet, but what Goddess and I have done so far, I’ve enjoyed. It truly scratches one of those itches that I never knew needed scratching.

When I met my wonderful Wifey almost 3 years ago, we started as a Dd/lg couple, and as time went by and we discovered what each other likes the relationship has evolved into a FLR(Female Led Relationship, I use abbreviations alot) one. I am dominant in everyday life, I make the money, I pay the bills, so you  can imagine that behind the scenes, Wifey is the dominant one, and i’m eager to cater to her every want and desire. I never enjoyed submitting until I met her.

As you can tell, I’m probably on my computer typing this because it’s long winded and hopefully held your attention long enough to learn something.  Until next post!