Ahhh the frustratingly good ol’ Tease and Denial

So last night we were laying in bed and I owed Goddess a back rub, so I asked her if she wanted to cash it in and of course she said yes! A little while into the back rub she told me to rub her ass more, which is my hint that she wants me to play with her back there.

After almost an hour of rubbing and teasing with a finger, she got up and got my hood out of the storage ottoman, put it on me and wrapped over it with plastic wrap leaving just a little air hole to breathe through.

She cuffed my hands to the bed frame after this, and climbed on top of me, grinding against her caged cock. This is the first time she’s done that with my new cage so it was kind of a test run lol.

I felt her grab my caged package and start to rub it back and forth against her very wet lips. A few seconds later I felt the agonizingly torturous feel of her surrounding the cage, I could feel it, and it felt amazing however it wouldn’t have been enough to make me full on spurt all over, she knew what she was doing and she wanted me to stay horny and frustrated!

We have recently begun to explore cuckolding and thus some pretty awesome role play has come into play. I couldn’t see anything of course so I didn’t know she had gotten her new dildo out to play with either. She moved the tip of my cage to her ass and I felt her rapidly moving something. All I could hear was how wet she was and a toy being used.

“Mmm Pet don’t you wish you could fuck my ass while I take a big cock” she teased as she fucked herself harder with the toy. I just about fucking lost it and almost came in my cage right there!

She came a couple of times before she untied me and took my hood and wrap off. This whole night was really hot and frustrating too 😄

Goddess snapped a pic but I’ll need to confirm with her that it’s okay to post it.

Chastity and all the devices…

My many, many devices it took to find the perfect fit. 🙂

So i’ve been interested in chastity for a long time. I don’t know exactly when or how it started, but I knew I enjoyed the idea behind saving it all up, it just made it extra special whenever I finally did let myself cum.

I had always been a self locker up until I met Goddess. As such, i’ve gone through a great deal of devices trying to find “the one” that was perfect for my anatomy. I’m pretty small when i’m not excited, and I grow to the smaller side of average when I’m excited.

My first device was a CB-3000 from A.L. Enterprises. When it came in the mail I was super excited, but that excitement quickly turned into frustration. It was too big in the cage portion both in length and diameter, the metal in the hinged ring irritated my skin, and was generally a pain to wear. I toughed it out and wore it anyways, and I thought to myself, Yes, I’m doing this. I spent a lot of time adjusting it every time I wore it, and eventually I even tried to modify it by shortening it. I eventually gave up on the CB3K and forgot about chastity for a while.

The second device I remember was some years later, A.L enterprises came out with a CB6Ks (small). There were quite a few improvements vs the CB3k, The base ring was solid, the cage diameter and length were smaller and shorter, but there were still a lot of issues. The CB6Ks split on me one day, pinched my skin so terribly that I bled. I didn’t even bother trying to glue it back together, It went straight into the trash after that day.

I believe I got a prince albert piercing sometime between the CB6Ks and my next device, because the next device I remember having was a PA-5000. Again, A.L. Enterprises. Man, these people had gotten a lot of my hard earned cash over the years, until this device anyway. Again, it wasn’t made for smaller gents like myself, the plastic pieces came with sharp ridges at the molding lines, and just generally didn’t work for me.

Now we get into some of the more expensive and difficult devices i’ve had…

I ordered a PA device off chastitytube and without going into too much detail because they do make some amazing devices, it was very heavy, needed a lot of work I wasn’t capable of doing at the time, and the piercing wasn’t in the right position for me (I’d later find out that I just got a funky piercing)

About this time I was getting pretty frustrated, nothing i’d done up to this point in pursuit of a good chastity device was working, there was always some kind of issue, in either craftsmanship, fit and function, or some other reason (like being almost 2 lbs of stainless steel hanging from a 6ga piercing? lol)

I heard about MatureMetal, and loved the look of the jailbird. I saved up and purchased one, and while it was leaps and bounds better upon arrival, I still had some complaints. Minor ones mind you, but read on, i’ll detail everything as best as I can remember.

My jailbird as arrived was the correct diameter, but because of my anatomy it didn’t fit length wise. I also had a problem with the base ring being round, the device slid all over, pinched me, and just generally pissed in my wheaties. I sent it back for adjustment, thinking the length issue was causing most of these problems. After a costly price paid and a lengthy time waiting, the cage arrived back in my possession, while the length issue was correct, it still rotated all over and generally wasn’t secure for me. I opted to use a Captive Ball Ring in my PA (at 4ga by this time) and secure it over one of the horizontal bars. This led to more frustration, because the piercing would pinch me at the most random times.  I eventually asked for a custom double base ring, and here’s where my relationship with MatureMetal ended.  I’ve learned a lot since this so I can say now, that it was not done how it should have been done. The double base ring was only welded at two or three points, but on the INSIDE of the ring… Well anyone who doesn’t know welding, listen up. Weld start and stops create the potential for very sharp craters… These craters also trap gunk and funk, so you can imagine that the new double base ring (in oval shape, forgot to add that) while it had the surface area to stay put, it also was a literal pain, and would quickly smell terrible thanks to the new little hidey holes. I was working in the shipyard by this time, and had made friends with a kink friendly welder, I told him about my issue and he offered to weld the entire seam of the inside ring and sand/polish it smooth for me. This was much much much better, but the PA pinching still was too much for me. I eventually sold the device to a gent in Australia and just forgot about ever getting what I actually wanted out of a chastity device.

Until Goddess. Fast forward many years, Goddess is discovering that she likes being the dominant, the Lady in charge. I bring up chastity, and she’s interested but intimidated. I offer to buy a cheaper device just to see if she’d like the idea behind it. I purchased a holy trainer v2 knockoff on amazon, and we played with it for a while. She liked the idea and was all for embracing it, so I ordered a couple different cheapo stainless amazon cages in an effort to re-learn my sizing and see what we liked.

I stumbled upon MaleChastityNow, and showed Goddess how awesome they looked. She told me to save up for one. It wasn’t much longer later and I had clicked Submit… and my order was in.

My first Contender was 440$ and Mark was amazing through the whole process. His first reaction to my ordered measurements was to send me a message verifying that I actually wanted such a small cage. I assured him that I knew what I was doing (Famous last words? lol) and he proceeded with the build. From date of payment, I had my device in less than 5 days. Now anyone who’s ordered from anyone else, probably knows that this seems miraculously fast… Let me tell you. It IS fast.

Here’s what I settled with on my first Contender.
 – Base Ring (inner diameter): 1-5/8 inches (41mm)
 – Base Ring Shape: Oval
 – Ring to Cage Gap: 3/8 inch (9.5mm)
 – Cage Ring (inner diameter): 1 inch (26mm)
 – Flaccid Length: 2-1/2 inches (63.5mm)
 – Lock Style: I’d like a Padlock
 – Optional Prince Albert Upgrade: 4 Gauge – 3/16″ – 5mm
 – Piercing Setback: 1/2″

As soon as I had the device Goddess wanted me to get a locking cock ring. An email and a payment later, I had an 1 1/8″ shiny new locking cock ring 3 days later.

Marks craftsmanship is unparalleled. He simply is in a league of his own when it comes to working with metal to contain all those naughty little cocks out there. My device fit, it was tight, secure, and comfortable…. at first.  Yep, it wouldn’t be my story if there wasn’t a problem.  I want to clarify this right now though, this time it was all my fault. Never would I ever think that I actually ordered a device TOO small!!! I didn’t wear it long enough to discover that the base ring was too small as well, more on that later.

Since this was in no way Marks fault, I sent him a couple emails back and forth telling him I wanted a second cage. He was amazing throughout all of this process. My second order went like this.

Next Order: (Base ring not included)
  – Ring to Cage Gap: 3/8 inch (9.5mm)
  – Cage Ring (inner diameter): 1 1/4 inch (32mm)
 – Flaccid Length: 2 inches (51 mm) 
 – Lock Style: I’d like a Padlock
 – Optional Prince Albert Upgrade: 4 Gauge – 3/16″ – 5mm
 – Piercing Setback: 1/2″

Again, his service and speed in making and delivering orders is blazing fast. I had the new cage paid for on a friday, and monday morning it was in my mailbox. This cage portion fit perfectly. I had room to shrink and grow, blood wasn’t trapped by the tight cage anymore, so Goddess kept me locked during one of my longer road trips. Well, during that road trip the 1 5/8″ oval base ring decided to let me know it was too small and rubbed two very angry spots on my sack.
Marks website only offered 1 5/8″ and 1 3/4″ but I knew from previous experience that 1 3/4″ was too big. I emailed him again, and he quickly responded that he could make me the in between size of 1 11/16″ (round this time instead of oval) and even offered to discount it. I wouldn’t accept the discount because I know how much goes into working stainless. Paid, shipped, arrived over a weekend again, super fast. I can’t thank Mark enough for sticking with me throughout the entire process, I owe him a beer or 10 if I ever am through his area.
TLDR: I went through a lot of devices to end up with my Unicorn perfect fit device. The Contender by Mark at http://www.malechastitynow.com is the best fitting, best looking, lightest weight, most secure and comfortable device i’ve ever owned. It’s also the first device I’ve ever ordered that didn’t need finish work.
Thanks for reading!

An introduction!

Just a quick intro to me and what makes me tick 😉


I’d like to start by taking a moment to introduce myself, hopefully by the end of this you’ll feel like you learned a little about me, what my likes and dislikes are, and to find out that I’m not in fact a writer lol. I’ll do my best however to make this fun and easy to read. Stick with me! I promise lots of documentation and detailed reports of all my lovely Goddesses and I’s escapades and bad humor to boot! Mmmm Boots. Anyways… Let’s begin!

To really get to know me, you have to know a little about me and how I was raised. My parents are old fashioned, like “Man makes the money, woman stays at home and does womanly things” And “One man, One woman” type of relationship. They have no idea just how kinky their son would become in life. I was raised thinking these were the only ways to do things, until that fateful morning that I got a shiny new 14.4 kbps modem for my computer.  From then on, it was bbs boards, newsgroups, eventually leading to forums, to pictures, to videos. I wanted someone I could do all of the kinky shit I saw on my computer with, but alas, I was still young and under my parents house. I had to keep it all to myself and bide my time until I was out in the world.

I’ll skip a ton of the drama, but let’s just say that my first two long term relationships were nothing but a huge obstacle to conquer to get to where I am today.  In those first two relationships I found out how things aren’t supposed to work. That all changed February 12th 2015 when I finally decided that I was done being treated (non-consensually) like a doormat. I started looking for just a friend, someone I could confide in, someone I could vent to, someone to hang out with. I found all that, and so much more. I didn’t expect to fall in love, head over heels, two peas in a pod, etc etc. She was perfect, for her age she was leaps and bounds more mature than any lady i’d ever dated, she was quiet, shy, and mysterious, but I couldn’t get enough conversation. Somehow through the conversations we found out each other had a Tumblr, and from there, the rest is history as they say (Who is they btw, anyone know?) I’ve been with her ever since, and I know without a doubt that she’s my soulmate, my Goddess, my best friend, my entire life. Ok enough sappy stuff, let’s move on. 🙂

So throughout your stay with me on this blog, you’ll find out that i’m a nerd, a jack of all trades and i’m also pretty damn crafty. I love making things, I really enjoy gardening. I occasionally play video games however I have not had the motivation lately to do so.

Some of my kink interestests include (in no particular order) are Chastity, Orgasm Denial, Femdom, CBT, Cuckolding, service, protocol, rules, punishments, and I could go on and on and on much like the energizer bunny but this post is getting even longer by the second!

So since I enjoy Chastity, and it is my goal to work up to permanent chastity. (Not the “lets weld this shut and never take it off” but committed long term wear) I will get into in another post about my various devices over the years getting to where I am. One of the major appeals to chastity for me is it’s super amazing to save up sexual energy and have it be out of my hands so to speak.

I also enjoy submitting. I haven’t experienced it all yet, but what Goddess and I have done so far, I’ve enjoyed. It truly scratches one of those itches that I never knew needed scratching.

When I met my wonderful Wifey almost 3 years ago, we started as a Dd/lg couple, and as time went by and we discovered what each other likes the relationship has evolved into a FLR(Female Led Relationship, I use abbreviations alot) one. I am dominant in everyday life, I make the money, I pay the bills, so you  can imagine that behind the scenes, Wifey is the dominant one, and i’m eager to cater to her every want and desire. I never enjoyed submitting until I met her.

As you can tell, I’m probably on my computer typing this because it’s long winded and hopefully held your attention long enough to learn something.  Until next post!