Birthday Recap

It was recently my birthday and it was a great day.

But first i’ll apologize. I haven’t been keeping up with this blog as much as I should, because i’m in process of building a house. Kinda wears ya out, and I still have to go on the road too for work.

Anyways, leading up to my b-day Goddess told me she had something planned. I waited patiently for the days to tick by and eventually they did. Had a great day, went out for dinner where no one embarrassed me by doing that stupid “Tell the waitress/waiter it’s his birthday” and all was right in the world lol. Evening came and eventually so would I 😉

I really should blog about these things the next day so I remember all the details lol.

It started with Goddess getting hers, she had me put on a numbing condom, then put the fido sheath on. I made sure she got several good orgasms and then she put my hood on me, tied me down, and slowly brought me to a very intense orgasm. It was bliss and I was VERY sore after the whole ordeal.