When you think it’s been long enough…

I had a “damnit” moment last night.  I took a quick shower while Goddess was getting ready for bed, and when I finished showering, I joined her. I’m still not physically caged yet, because i’m still giving my piercing time to toughen back up. The good news is it no longer smarts when the piercing moves, but I wanna give it a day or two more before I go back in the cage.

Anyways, I was laying there winding down for the night, and I got curious and asked myself out loud, I wonder how many days it’s been.

Checked my handy little app and sure enough it’d only been 3 days. >.<

Goddess laughed and said yep, Not long enough.

Point is, When you think it’s been long enough, It’s just getting started.


Random Morning Musings

So, i’m not really sure what i’m going to write today, I just thought that I should.

Sometimes, it’s really frustrating to have the particular set of kinks that I do. Not only for me, but for Goddess as well. Goddess is best described as a full blown Lesbian, I just happen to be the exception to her orientation. So of course, this makes finding a Bull extremely difficult.

Oh the fuckery I could tell you all about trying to find one… So far, 99% of the messages have been from gross, entitled, chauvinistic wannabe dominant assholes. Ok we get it, you got a big dick, does that mean you are incapable of operating your brain at the same time? In all of Goddesses ads, she states that SHE is the dominant one, and won’t submit to anyone. She gets messages all the time not even asking, more like telling, her what they want to do. Instant no, and and instant block. It’s not sexy to assume you have consent, or to message vulgar shit when you haven’t even gotten to know her.

Then you have to consider, since Goddess isn’t really into guys, she has a specific look she’s trying to go for.

  • 25-39 age bracket.
  • Piercings and Tattoos
  • Nerdy
  • Bearded and or look like a biker or a viking (hehe)
  • And be a courteous gentleman capable of actually holding a conversation.

She’s met a few that fit all but the last criteria, and it’s fucking frustrating. They start out promising, but become a flake, don’t want to even attempt to get to know her, or after a few messages they start doing nasty talk. As she’s stated that she can’t just have sex with random strangers. She wants a lasting friendship, with benefits. Don’t get us wrong, nasty talk is fine, once you get to know her, but for fucks sake guys, use your brain! If she can’t even have a normal conversation with you, what makes you think she wants to fuck you?

Anyways, enough about that.

Been trying to let my piercing toughen up, for the last couple days of my lockup the underside was getting tender, I asked Goddess if I could be out for a couple of days to let it heal back up, she was nice and let me. When i’m not locked, nothing changes, I still follow all the same rules, I still sit down to use the restroom, I don’t touch myself, for all intents and purposes, I am “Always” locked up. It’s just how I choose to be. Technically I wouldn’t even need a device, but Goddess needs a physical reminder that i’m denied, because without the device she’s tempted too much herself to take advantage of her unlocked toy.

Well, In closing, If your a NICE bull, capable of having a normal conversation, possibly even becoming friends, have a face picture, and are local to us or willing to travel to us, and want some good kinky fun, send Goddess a message. Before you do, Take a peek at the following fetlife links to see if you’re a good fit.


The quest continues… (Warning, RANT)

So as you may remember, Goddess is looking for a bull. This has been a frustrating process. I’ll detail my thoughts as they come, this won’t be organized or probably make any kind of sense, this is one of my rants or ramblings or whatever you want to call it. Thoughts will be followed by helpful advice in Italics.

So many fucking entitled pricks out there. You think that just because you got a big dick means you automatically have permission to be NASTY to my Goddess/Wife? Fuck you. Apparently you don’t have enough blood to operate that brain and that cock at the same time.

Be respectful. Don’t be an aggressive asshole that gives off the rapist vibe. I can’t tell you how many messages I’ve read that have been sent to Goddess where they don’t even attempt to respect her wishes, or even ask for consent to begin to talk about (in this case) nasty shit. Goddess loves dirty talk with the best of them, but she can’t just fuck any random stranger, she has to like them as a person before they can enter the cave of wonders. 

So if you can’t even hold a normal fucking conversation, what makes you think you’re worthy of having sex with her? Conversation is over half of what makes everything good. Do you honestly think that lines like “I have a massive dik an would fuk you so good” , “I’d love to jam my cock in your ass”, “I’m a dom, get on your knees” are really good conversation starters?

Show her that you’re not a fuck-tard and use your words big boy! Impress her with your mental whit. Place words in a good order and try to use good spelling, use full and complete sentences. It’s not rocket science but for fucks sake it seems like for most of the guys that have messaged her, it is. 

For guys that actually get past the first few days of conversation, they act like it’s too much effort to TRY and have a normal conversation. As I’ve said, She needs a friendship before you’re gonna get ANYTHING.  We had this one very promising potential, but as soon as our schedules conflicted, he gave up and seemingly lost interest. Then he made a joke that was an instant turn off about Goddesses work…

Yeah, because begging for free shit from a sex worker is REALLY gonna turn her on and get you somewhere with her. We aren’t asking you to buy her content, and for fucks sake, if you wanna see sexy stuff, all ya gotta do is follow through, act interested, and be respectful. We’re obviously asking too much here. You’d get things that she wouldn’t even produce for sale, so where’s your logic in implying because you got a big dick you should get shit for free? 

Guys can’t handle rejection apparently. One dude went as far as to say some dumb shit like “I GET WHAT I WANT” “WHY DON’T YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH OR I’LL MAKE YOU” “DO YOU LIKE SUBMITTING? YOU WILL WHEN I’M DONE WITH YOU” For one, She’s not just a piece of meat. That’s rapist territory and super abusive. WHAT THE FUCK!

If she doesn’t like what you’re talking about, respectfully move on. Don’t get all dick hurt because she didn’t find you attractive, doesn’t want anyone to dominate her (Besides, she’s the dom), or any number of reasons why you wouldn’t be a good fit. Be a fucking man and move on. Don’t threaten her, Don’t tell her you know what town she lives in, I might be submissive to her, but i’ll fuck you up. ESPECIALLY if you threaten her/us. You better be able to run faster than 2500 feet per second. (That’s around 1700 miles per hour) 

If you don’t have any intention in following through with your “Game” then why the fuck did you message her in the first place?

I thought time wasters were only a thing in sex work?! Don’t even bother if you have no intention in keeping your word. 


In short, even though I’m a submissive, I’d probably make a better bull than 75% of you dumb-asses out there. I’m respectful, I keep my appointments, I wait for consent to talk dirty, and I probably fuck better than you too. I know not all of you are like this, but this entitled male shit has to stop. You gotta earn it just like anyone else would. I’m glad she’s set her standards so high, it prevents the common think-with-your-dick basic guy from ever knowing what heaven feels like.

I do apologize for the rant, but I’ve got nowhere else to vent about it.  Carry on and stay kinky!



So, I mentioned previously that Goddess ordered me a collar.

I’m SO excited for it to arrive. It should get here by Tuesday before my trip on Wednesday. I’m anxious about wearing it in public, while it’s one of those things that is obvious as fuck to the people who are kinky, most people will just assume its some kind of necklace or something (I hope)

Part of me wants the collaring to be a big deal, but part of me also just wants it on, so that I can accept the fact that it’s not coming off, it’s permanent for all intents and purposes, and that my anxiety will have to take a back seat to necessity. Goddess doesn’t need yet another thing to remember to have me do, so in a way, this will help us both. She won’t have to remember to have me put my collar on after i’m home for the day, and I won’t have to worry about taking one off lol.

In short, I’m super fucking excited because my collar will appear vanilla enough to not raise too many questions to the average person, but people who are kinky will automagically know what it’s for. It’ll show that i’m a collared pet, and Goddess even mentioned how sexy it’ll be when her potential bull see’s it too. I got shy when she said that but I know she does these things because she loves me, not because she wants to degrade or humiliate me (to a point haha)

This is what my collar will look like, black lock and all. Ring of Steel makes some of the best looking seamless collars I’ve ever seen. I hope that the owner of the site doesn’t mind me using the image, all credits and ownership of the photo go to Vad Farkas, you can find these amazingly crafted and valued collars here -> RingofSteel.net