A fun buildup, and a fun night

So last week I was away on business, and Goddess and I were talking about kinky stuff like we normally do when I’m away. Somehow or another I had decided to ignore my issues with my butt, and just “take it.” I’m so glad I did lol.

Had been in chastity 9 days at this point. I got home, Goddess had done her makeup, hair, and was looking absolutely fucking amazing. After a little wind down time I always take when I first get in off business, I stripped naked and laid on the bed like Goddess Instructed. she put my wide leather collar on, hooked the leash onto it and sat it on my back so it could warm up. (cold!)

Goddess warmed me up with plenty of lube and her fingers, milking my prostate for a while, sadly nothing came out 😦 After her fingers got tired she put the strapon on…. Slowly at first, but by the end she was fucking me as hard as i’d do her. I was moaning and begging for it.

I was sore for the whole weekend inside lol.


Follow up to “Whoops”

As promised, I figured that I would detail last nights activities.

After dinner, during our Netflix time (it’s a normal thing to watch Netflix during/after dinner) Goddess was just in a dress with no panties. She looked so fucking beautiful, I couldn’t resist touching on her. After a little bit she spread her legs so that I had easier access, and I fingered her with two fingers πŸ˜‰ while she rubbed her clit. She had a nice strong orgasm and thanked me, saying it was nice. We continued to watch some Netflix for a bit, and then decided we’d go to the bedroom to cuddle and talk.

Here lately we’ve been going to the bed to have our nightly pillow talk, this is usually the time that I ask about her days conversations and ask about the people who’ve attempted to message her (Goddess is VERY picky, I have no idea how I got so fucking lucky lol) We were talking about our day and I had asked how the conversation went with one of her potential bulls was going. Things were going well, and she was obviously getting turned on again, because she started to caress my body as we talked. Soon she was stroking me again, and I got rock hard. I sat up, grabbed my hood and began to unlace it enough to slide it on. She helped me put it on, it seemed she made it extra tight this time because the hood felt like a second skin.Β  I laid back and we continued to talk, only this time Goddess was straddling me. We talked about how she loves how I look in my hood, bound and helpless. I reminded her that the under the bed restraints have been very hot, and that they weren’t being used at the moment πŸ˜‰

Goddess smirked and obliged me, cuffing me to the bed and pulling tight on the straps so that I had even less wiggle room than normal. After I was secure, she began rubbing against me like I’ve described many times already, She has been warming up to the idea of anal, and one of her favorite things to do recently is rub the head of my cock on her tight little asshole.Β  Not that i’m huge down there, but her ass is so tight that the head of my cock can’t even slide in without a LOT of work. So I feel like this is her way of training herself. It gets me so close to cumming, a lot of times I have to ask her to stop for a few minutes. She giggles at this as she said “Oh, You’re gonna cum already? Just from rubbing my tight little asshole against you?”

After several times of bringing me just to the edge, only to deny me (Plus, I wasn’t asking for permission because I knew I wasn’t supposed to cum.) There was a moment where all the friction was beginning to feel like sand paper on my cock. I asked for some lube and the jelly cock ring. She was more than happy to allow it, and rubbing with lube felt much better for both of us. She decided she wanted to tease me about how a bull was going to fill her up, so she straddled me, letting me inside her. She sat all the way down, then said “That’s as deep as you go, It’s not even close to filling me up.”

This kind of dirty talk turns me on to no end, I thought for sure that’d make me cum but I somehow held my composure. After a little bit she started to ride up and down my shaft, enjoying herself. Using me for her pleasure. I was getting too worked up, and I told her so. She Slid off REAL fast… FUCK. The tightness of the entrance of her wet amazing pussy sliding over the head of my cock pushed me past the edge. I came all over myself, and it was a ruined orgasm. I didn’t actually get the pleasure of a normal orgasm, and I stayed hard for quite a while after it. I also cried a little bit as I knew this would add yet ANOTHER week to my punishment.

We got cleaned up and I joked, I said your doing this on purpose… She smiled and said “Well, You DO have an interest in permanent chastity… What’s a month when you want to go 24/7.”

I replied, “I don’t want to never be able to take it off, I’m just down for really long lock ups, but not until you have a reliable bull, I’d hate for that amazing sex to go to waste. It feels like you’re just using me to strengthen your muscles… You tryin to get ready for a bull?”

“Yes, I am!” Goddess said with a laugh.

So i’m an exercise appliance πŸ˜€ Cool, I love being objectified anyway lol. I just need to learn NOT to cum without permission or I’ll just end up never having a normal orgasm. While ruined keeps everything in working order… I’m already not going to be able to give her Birthday sex now because of my lack of stamina. Guess a bull will have to stand in for that one πŸ˜‰


Working towards a goal…

Good afternoon everyone!

After being on the road for the first part of the week, when I arrived home yesterday things were pretty steamy πŸ˜€ I’ll let you guys peek into our conversation leading up to the events that i’ll describe below.









So yeah… That laid plans out for the evening. I stopped and got a chain leash, then when I got home I started the “cleanout” process. I’ll spare you the details of that, but 2 bags later I was squeaky clean. I’ve discovered after large enemas that I need some time to “relax” again so we ate dinner and watched some netflix before the nights activities started.

I won’t deny, I was super turned on. It’s been 7 days since my last orgasm (and locked up for the duration as well) and I was eager to please my Goddess by being her perfect little butt slut. We laid a towel on the bed, I got down on all fours, and she put the lap desk in front of me with a blue suction cup toy for me to use once we were all warmed up. Goddess had already put the strapon on, slid a condom over it, and had a gloved hand with lube ready to get me ready for her. She slid a finger inside making sure the lube was evenly distributed, then took it out to add more lube and use a second finger.

“Are you ready, Pet?” She asked.

“Yes Goddess.” I practically begged in my tone. I was more than ready. Something about Goddess wearing a strapon, asserting her power over me, melts me to the core. I wanted her big strap on inside me. Of course, we had to take things slow at first. She put the head against my hole, and I slowly pushed back until I felt the familiar stretching feeling. A couple inches in, I stopped to let everything “Adjust”. While we were waiting she put more lube on it, and soon I was sliding further down on the shaft of her massive black dildo.

Getting it all in there…Β 

After a little while, I was relaxed enough for her to begin to use it to fuck me.

“Do you like that big cock in your tight little ass, Pet?” Goddess had a tone in her voice that I absolutely love. When she gets turned on it’s almost like her personality changes, so does her voice. It’s subtle but when you know your partner, you pick up on these subtle changes.

I moaned in reply, “Yes Goddess, I do… I like it a lot.” There was a lot of “Omg it’s so big” and moaning, and general sex noises πŸ˜‰ At some point I tried sucking the dildo on the lap desk in front of me, I could only get about 4 inches of it in my mouth and I gagged a few times, each time I gagged she thought something was wrong lol. Nope, Just gagging lol. She giggled at that and said “You’re gonna have to practice a lot. I’m going to want you to suck my bull off eventually.”

After she was able to go faster, she was surprised that I could take the whole 9″ of the toy. I had her stop and I laid on my back, and let her enter me missionary style. Because the curve of the toy, it was hitting my prostate real nice. I still can’t cum from just anal, but I for sure was closer last night than I’d ever been. I leaked quite a bit as well.

After I had enough we sat there, her toy inside me, her caressing me gently, she told me I was a good pet, and that she really enjoyed fucking me.

Then we got up to clean up, and I asked her “Would you like me to wear the strapon now?” “Yes Pet, I need to get fucked after fucking your ass.” So I washed the strapon and then I fucked her with it to multiple orgasms. It was such a sexy night. I love my Goddess and all the kinky shit we do. πŸ˜€

Thanks for reading everyone. I hope you enjoyed. Leave me a comment!



Anal Training

So tonight despite getting to cum last night… I was feeling frisky as usual. I often get impatient waiting for Goddess to suggest things to do, normally I just keep my mouth shut and don’t say or do anything… however like I said, I was feeling pretty frisky.

I have a rule that by 11 pm i’m supposed to be plugged for the night. I went to the bathroom and put some lube on my trusty NJOY medium plug and slid it into place, noticing the ease in which it did so. Experimentally I worked it in and out a few times, noting that when I stopped the plug was clean. Anyone who does spontaneous anal activities will appreciate when a toy comes out clean, take full advantage of this!

I cleaned my plug up, put it back on the shelf next to my commode and with a devious smile went back to the bedroom. Goddess was laying on the bed going through Tinder, and I walked over to the 24″ bar stool we purchased for the activities i’m about to describe. πŸ˜‰

I grabbed the stool from it’s place next to my desk, turned around and set it down next to the bed. Goddess looked up from swiping and smirked that cute little smirk as she said “Oh yeah?”


“Yep, I figure we bought this for a reason and I can’t wait around forever for you to tell me to do things” I said, Not meaning any harm but hinting that she could suggest more “training” exercises. She obviously didn’t take offense to it and didn’t tell me to stop what I was doing. This was the green light! I opened our toy storage ottoman (which is conveniently located next to the bed lol) and pulled out my Doc Jonhnson TITANMEN 6″ Anal Stretcher.


This thing is awesome. It has a gradual taper that increases toΒ 8.16 Inches at the base. It has almost 6″ of insertable length. The best part (and this is a personal preference for me) It’s compatible with silicone lube. I find for anal training I need something that stays slippery for a long time. So I know there’s a ton of stigma about PVC (Vinyl) toys out there, but if it’s from Doc Johnson rest assured that it’sΒ Phthalate-Free PVC. Again, this means I can use my favorite silicone lube.

Ok mini-review over, back to business!

So the cone stretcher doesn’t have a suction cup base, but it seems to be heavy enough to stay put. I sat it on the wooden barstool, dumped lube all over it and squatted over it. By this time Goddess had put her phone down, I had her full attention which only made it hotter. I slowly lowered myself down until I felt a little stretching, then lifted back up. I basically rode it up and down for several minutes, then tried to sit down. I’m not a skinny guy, so when I sit down I have a built in cushion haha πŸ˜‰ I sat there for at least 5 minutes just letting everything relax and the toy do it’s intended purpose. Goddess was impressed with my ability to take the toy, commenting on how long it’s been since we’ve done anything anal besides wearing my plug to bed.Β  After her comment, I grabbed the sides of the stool and stood up, turning around, so that I was facing away from Goddess, giving her a better view of what was going on.

After mentally noting that the toy was going in and out almost full length, I asked Goddess how many rings she could see left. She said only one. I was actually pretty shocked considering my built in cushion lol. I stood up, dismounting the toy and grabbed my next and final toy for the night.


The B-7 Tango, I won’t say the manufacturer’s name again because surely you can read, otherwise why would you be here lol. This is a personal challenge toy to me. It’s very large, has “knots” or tiers and is silicone lube compatible. I followed the same procedure as the previous toy and straddled it. I can take enough of the toy that unless you’re up close and personal it looks like the whole things in, but that third tier is troublesome. Truly I have a hard time with the second tier if we are being honest. Tonight, I conquered a goal, I was able to clear the second tier all the way past my sphincter and begin to climb the third tier. My legs were getting shaky (Mad respect to anyone who rides “squat” style btw… I had no idea how much work it was!) so I laid down on the bed and Goddess encouraged me by breathing on my cage, occasionally teasing it with her nails. I decided to call it a night at the second tier when it was obvious that i’m not ready for the third tier yet.

I retreated to the other bathroom and washed the toys and my hands, Goddess came in to make sure everything was ok and I asked her if she liked it. She smiled, so I asked her if it made her wet πŸ˜‰