A fun buildup, and a fun night

So last week I was away on business, and Goddess and I were talking about kinky stuff like we normally do when I’m away. Somehow or another I had decided to ignore my issues with my butt, and just “take it.” I’m so glad I did lol.

Had been in chastity 9 days at this point. I got home, Goddess had done her makeup, hair, and was looking absolutely fucking amazing. After a little wind down time I always take when I first get in off business, I stripped naked and laid on the bed like Goddess Instructed. she put my wide leather collar on, hooked the leash onto it and sat it on my back so it could warm up. (cold!)

Goddess warmed me up with plenty of lube and her fingers, milking my prostate for a while, sadly nothing came out 😦 After her fingers got tired she put the strapon on…. Slowly at first, but by the end she was fucking me as hard as i’d do her. I was moaning and begging for it.

I was sore for the whole weekend inside lol.


What a strange dream?!

So I have to write this somewhere before I forget lol.

I woke up abruptly this morning to something hilarious… It had to do with a dream I was having haha.

Somehow or another I ended up in a college setting. Me, an older guy, going to college full of young people. I was taking Psychologoy and there was something familiar to me about the lady professor. 😉

For some reason the whole school broke out into a laser tag tournament and I was among one of the few left. As I came up the stairs and rounded the hallway corner, there she was. My Physcology professor. A young, but beautiful lady, dressed pretty wild for a professor, with a long flowing black dress and matching raven hair. Facial piercings, and red lipstick that commanded your attention. I don’t know how anyone passed her class. The dress was cut just low enough to see a circle tattoo between her breasts, she caught me staring.

“Mr Pet, just what are you looking at?”

I managed to stammer a reply, “Oh nothing Miss X, I.. i.. i.. Was just noticing the way the craptacticular light in here makes you appear to glow despite the lack of light”

And here’s where it got awesome, weird, turned into a porn?

“Well thank you, but it’s just an illusion. You can Call me Zena, this is hardly a formal setting.” “I’ve been meaning to ask you… How would you like to come over for dinner?”

Before I could answer the surroundings morphed into a gothic style darkly decorated home, and somehow my clothes were gone! that’s not even all… I knew there was something around my dick, tight, confining, making it throb. Why the hell was I so turned on?

“Thank you for having dinner, as you can see we’ve skipped right to the good part. You were such a good mr Pet under my spell, that i’m going to reward you… well, Kind of.”

With that, you snapped your fingers loudly and said “Leak”

I came on the spot, no pleasure, just the mechanical motions of my built up pressure being relieved.

And that’s when I woke up to realize part of that wasn’t a dream. I had a wet dream after 9 days locked up in chastity, while dreaming/fantasizing about Goddess playing the part of a professor lol. Horny much? yep! I think so.


When you’ve just gotta eat it…

So I hope everyone had a safe and fun labor day weekend. I got some more work done on the house, then after 12 hours of construction work, loaded up and left for a 3 day trip.

These trips I take give me a lot of time to think, to ponder, to make myself horny as hell thinking about all the things I want to be doing other than driving lol. I had been waiting on getting my chastity back in the mail, as I sent it back to Malechastitynow for the “After the break in” modifications. Basically, I had him correct my piercing set back, and make the overall cage shorter by removing the first ring on the cage. More on that later 🙂

When I rolled in around 10pm last night, of course I needed to relax a bit and wind down. This week was hard and fast, and didn’t use any lube on me either lol. Goddess and I idly chatted and she showed me some new music (btw, thanks i’ll have to ask again what that is now that i’m caught up on sleep) I had a muffin for dinner and played on the computer a little bit.

She was playing on her computer at the edge of the bed, her ass sticking up off the edge… I couldn’t help myself. I walked over to her, pulled her panties down, and began kissing, licking, and tongue fucking her sweet little hole. It’d been a while since I was able to do this for personal reasons that i’m sure nobody wants to hear about, but lets just say it’s been 1-2 weeks since I could do any kissing of anything. I did this for a while and then we took another break because the position I was in while doing it wasn’t comfortable.

We ended up going back to some video games, (for me, forum work and discord stuff) and Goddess started to prepare for bed.

Well, once we got to the bed Goddess and I cuddled, made out, and even though i’d only been gone 3 days she was feeling shy and awkward to start anything… I pointed this out and i got the bashful shy reaction I think is so freakin cute. I rolled onto my side and pulled one side of her tank top down and began giving her breasts attention. More like worship/suckling 😉 I was a bit to rough and she let me know so I eased up. She pulled the other side of her tank top down and I gave the other one attention as well.

I was getting pretty horny and worked up so I moved down to lick her silky smooth pussy. She was so wet already and I just love the sounds she makes when I do that. Again, being that I hadn’t really relaxed all week yet, I couldn’t do that very long in that position. I have no way of describing properly what position I put her in next, but I layed down, put her legs up, and started licking her ass again. She was getting super wet and creamy and loving every bit of it, as was I. I was naughty and got up to start having sex… she let me 😉 We grabbed a condom and I made sure she got good orgasms, again being bad… I pretty much “Told” her…. “I’m going to cum” She called me a naughty boy and that made me cum lol. She said there would be punishment but she’d have to think about it. We both were ready to pass out soon.

So after the fun we got cleaned up, and I put my new shorter chastity on, it fits like a glove now even when i’m flaccid, which is what i’ve been wanting from the start. I have to thank Mark at MaleChastityNow.com for the work, he’s quick, his craftsmanship is awesome and you can tell he cares very much about his work and products. I wonder how long i’ll be locked up this time 😉


Birthday Recap

It was recently my birthday and it was a great day.

But first i’ll apologize. I haven’t been keeping up with this blog as much as I should, because i’m in process of building a house. Kinda wears ya out, and I still have to go on the road too for work.

Anyways, leading up to my b-day Goddess told me she had something planned. I waited patiently for the days to tick by and eventually they did. Had a great day, went out for dinner where no one embarrassed me by doing that stupid “Tell the waitress/waiter it’s his birthday” and all was right in the world lol. Evening came and eventually so would I 😉

I really should blog about these things the next day so I remember all the details lol.

It started with Goddess getting hers, she had me put on a numbing condom, then put the fido sheath on. I made sure she got several good orgasms and then she put my hood on me, tied me down, and slowly brought me to a very intense orgasm. It was bliss and I was VERY sore after the whole ordeal.


Finally something kinky to write about!

So, two nights ago, Goddess and I went to bet pretty late. I put my hood on and we snuggled up together. I had my locking cock ring on (It uses the same base as my chastity cage does, so that even when times like now where i’m letting my piercing heal up from being in the cage (Eventually it will get used to it and I won’t need any more breaks))

She stroked me to edge a few times, and I felt her movements start slowing beyond the “teasing slow” lol. She said “You’re going to have to wait until tomorrow, I can barely keep my eyes open.” I said ok Goddess thank you for the attention. Sat up we took my hood off and went to sleep cuddled up.

Last night, we went to bed at a more decent time. She asked me to put my hood on and helped me lace it tight. I laid back and she teased me for a bit with her hands. She said “You ready to wear the bracelet?” I have a love hate relationship with the bracelet. It’s full of spikes, and every little movement or throb make things painful for me, but not in such a way that I can’t stay hard. If anything it’s like an orgasm deterrent. Pretty much the only way i’m able to orgasm with the bracelet on is when she forces it with her wand.  So after the bracelet was on she straddled me and used my cock to painfully pleasure her. She slipped me inside her and began using the wand which was exceptionally blissful and painful at the same time for me. After she came, she said “Can you cum like this?” I told her that I could try. She slipped a condom over me and I tried to have sex with Goddess, but it was too painful to ever build to the orgasm. Goddess took pity on me and took the KTB off. Rolled the condom down, and allowed me to earn an orgasm. It was a great kinky night 🙂

Hope everyone’s having a great rainy morning like us!


I’m sorry!

I’ve gotten out of the habit of posting, I noticed I lost some followers, no biggie.

Things have been pretty quiet on the home front being that I’m building a house an all. I am on the road all the time, when I’m not on the road I’m working on the house. Goddess must think I need my rest so she hasn’t been pushing any activities. Not to say we don’t still do things but we’ve slowed waaaaaay down.

Anyways hang in there everyone, I might have something interesting to post about toward the end of the month. 😉


Getting back to normal!

First off sorry everyone, I been absent a few weeks for some family time and now that it’s over Goddess and I are getting back into our regular routine.

I’ll try to get back into the habit of posting on the regular again, I’ve just been so busy with building a house and family stuff that not much has been going on to be honest.