What a strange dream?!

So I have to write this somewhere before I forget lol.

I woke up abruptly this morning to something hilarious… It had to do with a dream I was having haha.

Somehow or another I ended up in a college setting. Me, an older guy, going to college full of young people. I was taking Psychologoy and there was something familiar to me about the lady professor. 😉

For some reason the whole school broke out into a laser tag tournament and I was among one of the few left. As I came up the stairs and rounded the hallway corner, there she was. My Physcology professor. A young, but beautiful lady, dressed pretty wild for a professor, with a long flowing black dress and matching raven hair. Facial piercings, and red lipstick that commanded your attention. I don’t know how anyone passed her class. The dress was cut just low enough to see a circle tattoo between her breasts, she caught me staring.

“Mr Pet, just what are you looking at?”

I managed to stammer a reply, “Oh nothing Miss X, I.. i.. i.. Was just noticing the way the craptacticular light in here makes you appear to glow despite the lack of light”

And here’s where it got awesome, weird, turned into a porn?

“Well thank you, but it’s just an illusion. You can Call me Zena, this is hardly a formal setting.” “I’ve been meaning to ask you… How would you like to come over for dinner?”

Before I could answer the surroundings morphed into a gothic style darkly decorated home, and somehow my clothes were gone! that’s not even all… I knew there was something around my dick, tight, confining, making it throb. Why the hell was I so turned on?

“Thank you for having dinner, as you can see we’ve skipped right to the good part. You were such a good mr Pet under my spell, that i’m going to reward you… well, Kind of.”

With that, you snapped your fingers loudly and said “Leak”

I came on the spot, no pleasure, just the mechanical motions of my built up pressure being relieved.

And that’s when I woke up to realize part of that wasn’t a dream. I had a wet dream after 9 days locked up in chastity, while dreaming/fantasizing about Goddess playing the part of a professor lol. Horny much? yep! I think so.


Author: PetHubby

I’m just a guy with lots of kinks and nowhere to write about them. I enjoy being a submissive and have the most Amazing Goddess! Currently exploring the cuckold fetish. Would love to be hypnotized by Goddess, she's got several books in her arsenal so I feel like one day this could be a reality. While I love dirty talk and all things kink, if you're going to contact myself or Goddess be respectful! I’m sure I’ll edit this a lot until I get something that reads well, so bear with me :)

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